Beautification Committee

Statement of Purpose

The Clinton Beautification Committee was created to enhance the natural beauty of the Town. With support of citizen volunteers and in coordination with other Town Agencies, the Committee will be responsible for the planning, initiation and maintaining of various beautification efforts in Clinton. The purpose is to create pride in Clinton and encourage residents and businesses to do the same.

Charges and Responsibilities

The Committee shall strive to coordinate activities between different community organizations to better promote actions that will enhance the town’s appearance. The Committee shall focus individual efforts and prioritize such activities with recommendation to the Town Council.

The Committee shall prepare and present to the Town Council reports as requested. On or before November 30th of each year, the Committee shall prepare and submit to the Town Manager and Town Council an annual report of its activities, and goals for the upcoming year. Projects to be undertaken shall be listed in such report for consideration and approval by the Town Council. Any annual operating budget request shall be submitted at that time to the Town Manager which will identify planned expenses by project or activity.

The Committee shall be held responsible for operating within any approved budget, regardless of the source of funding.

The Committee is authorized to receive, on behalf of the town, gifts to improve the overall physical appearance of the town subject to Town Council approval.

The Committee is authorized to prepare grant submissions for projects that will improve the overall physical appearance of the town subject to prior approval from the Town Council for the grant and the project or activity. The Committee shall coordinate all grant activities with the Town Manager.

The Committee is authorized to fundraise or work with other entities to fundraise for projects that will improve the overall physical appearance of the town subject to prior approval from the Town Council for the project or activity.

Commitment of Town Funds

In the performance of its duties, the Committee shall not incur any expense, or obligate the Town to pay any expense, unless funds have been appropriated by the Town specifically for the use of the Beautification Committee and authorized in advance by the Town Manager.


Meetings shall be held as often as necessary to carry out the purpose and meet established goals. A schedule of regular meetings shall be established annually and filed with the Town Clerk’s Office in accordance with Connecticut General Statutes, currently no later than January 31st annually.

The Committee will adhere to all rules and regulations outlined in the Freedom of Information Act.

The link below contains information on the regularly scheduled monthly meetings for the current year. It does not contain Agendas or information on special meetings or emergency meetings. To receive notifications and Agendas for all meetings, regular, special and emergency please go to the Notify Me center, locate the Board, Commission or Committee you are interested in and follow the instructions.

2024 Beautification Committee Meeting Calendar

Membership and Term

The Committee membership shall be appointed by the Town Council and be comprised of at least seven (7) resident electors of Clinton to serve an initial term of two (2) years starting July 1, 2022. The Town Council has the authority to appoint additional members and/or alternate members as appropriate to facilitate the work of the Committee.  

On October 18, 2023, the Town Council increased the membership from seven (7) to nine (9) members.

Information on members of the Beautification Committee may be found here