Zoning Regulations

Title Page

Table of Contents

Section 1
Title & Jurisdiction
Section 2
Amendments & Validity
Section 3
Section 4
Application Requirements, Procedures and Decision Process
Section 5
Zoning Enforcement Officer
Section 6
Design Review Board
Section 7
Section 8
Bond Procedures and Bond Agreement
Section 9 Zoning Permits
Section 10 Site Plan Review
Section 11
Special Exceptions
Section 12
Standards for Special Exceptions
Section 13 Zoning Board of Appeals, Variances, Certificate of Location, Dealer's and Repairer's License
Section 14
Section 15 East Main Street Village District (EMS-VD)
Section 16 Historic Districts
Section 17 Flood Hazard Zone
Section 18 Coastal Area Management Zone, Coastal Site Plan Review
Section 19 Reserved for Future Use
Section 20 Interchange Development Zone
Section 21 Floating Zones
Section 22
Village Zone
Section 23 Transit Oriented Development
Section 24 Reserved for Future Use
Section 25
Reserved for Future Use
Section 26
Districts - Lot Standards - Requirements

Lot Requirement Standards by District - Residential

Lot Requirement Standards by District - Non-Residential
Section 27 Schedule of Uses by District

Floating Zones
Section 28
Accessory Uses, Home Occupations and Alternate Energy Systems
Section 29
Non-Conformities, Mobile Homes/Trailers
Section 30
Design Standards
Section 31
Performance Standards
Section 32
Soil Erosion and Sediment Control
Section 33
Section 34
Section 35
Storage Tanks
  Appendix A
  Appendix B
  Text Amendments
  Map Amendments