Liberty Green Historic District

Clinton’s Liberty Green Historic District was established n 1979 and was originally comprised of the Town Green and six houses, all but one of which were built before 1800. In 2019, two more properties were added, thus expanding the District. The district’s creation also established an Historic District Commission to oversee and protect the Liberty Green Historic District. Although there is no restriction as to what color a house may be painted or what shrubs can be planted within the district, no other changes can be made to the exterior of any building or grounds that can be seen from the streetscape without an application being filed for a certificate of appropriateness; a public hearing being held; and then deliberations and a decision by the Historic District Commission. Some of the approvals to date include, a cobblestone apron for a gravel driveway; a cupola on a garage; a flying pig weathervane mounted on that cupola; picket fences appropriate to the era; and the transformation one of the houses into a Bed &Breakfast.