Driveway and Excavation Permits


Driveways:  Permits are required  for the construction or replacement of a driveway that connects to a Town Road.  

Directions for Completing the permit
​Driveway Permit 

Excavation Permits: When excavating on a Town road, within the Town right of way or on Town property a Excavation Permit is required. 

Directions for completing the permit 
Excavation Permit 
Insurance:  All Contractors, Home Owners and Utilities are required to submit insurance certificates prior to any work being done under any permit. 

Insurance requirements can be found here

Release of Liability:  When connecting a sump pump or curtain drain to a Town drainage system a release of liability must be completed and recorded on  you land deed as well as an Excavation Permit.

Directions for completing release of liability form.
Release of Liability Form