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Golf Course Income and Expense Survey

  1. Ex. 2015
  2. Information provided is confidential, in accordance with Connecticut law.
  3. General Data
  4. Orientation Type
  5. Number of Memberships
  6. Analysis of Rounds Played
  7. Member
  8. Non-Member
  9. Group/Tournament
  10. Complimentary
  11. Total Rounds
  12. Fee Structure
  13. Winter Season
    Include a.m. / p.m.
  14. Summer Season
    Include a.m. / p.m.
  15. Annual
  16. Greens Fee with Cart
  17. Greens Fee without Cart
  18. Cart Fee
  19. Prepaid Cart Fee
  20. Trail
  21. Typical Group / Tournament Fee
  22. Initiation Fee
  23. Single Membership
  24. Family Membership
  25. Annual Gross Income
  26. Less: Cost of Goods Sold
  27. Annual Operating Expenses
  28. Please explain
  29. Please include a copy of your year end income summary.
  30. Do any of the figures include capital expenditures or extraordinary costs which vary from typical operating expenses?
  31. *Includes Repair and Maintenance items such as chemicals/fertilizers, grass/seed, gasoline/oil, utilities, etc.
  32. **Includes General and Administrative expenses such as advertising, security, administrative payroll expenses, telephone, etc.
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