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Boat Slip or Stake Application

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    Payments are due September 30th, February 1st and April 1st. All payments are non-refundable.

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  13. Terms & Conditions of Docking Agreement
    1. OWNER'S RISK: All docking, undocking, mooring, use of docks, mooring and shore facilities including parking and maneuvering in and around the Marina shall be at the user's risk without any liability to the Harbor Management Commission and its employees or the Town of Clinton.
  14. 2. Application for the next boating season will be accepted through September 30. Current slip and stake holders must reapply each year by the above deadline to be re-assigned. All vacancies will be filled by a lottery to be scheduled by the Commission.
  15. 3. Assigned slips and stakes are made for the full season. Assignments are NON-TRANSFERRABLE, no exceptions. No tenant may "loan" their slip or stake for any period whatsoever. A strange boat appearing in a regular tenant's slip or stake will be subject to regular transient fee.
  16. 4. Marina parking lot is a public parking area. Slip holders must be prepared to seek available parking where available. Each owner is entitled to two parking spots in the gravel lot, which is based on availability.
  17. 5. Slip and stake assignments are assigned by the Harbor Management Commission or its duly authorized agent. The Harbor Management Commission RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REASSIGN SPACE, as they deem necessary to assure the optimum use of the facility. Boats 30 feet or longer will not be assigned a slip in the marina.
  18. 6. Boat owners agree to maintain boat insurance including liability coverage. Boat owners will be held responsible for damage to the marina facilities or to other boats which are caused by the owner's boat. Proof of insurance is required.
  19. 7. Docking season shall be approximately April 1 to November 15 except during times of marina maintenance projects. Owners shall remove boats and gear from the marina at the end of the docking season. Any boat or gear not removed shall be removed by the Harbor Management Commission at the owner's expense. No boat storage is permitted at the marina.
  20. 8. Any unauthorized boat utilizing any town dock will be removed by the Harbor Management Commission at the owner's expense.
  21. 9. Holders of channel stakes are permitted to tie up to the ends of the Town Docks for loading and unloading purposed for no more than 60 minutes. If boats are there for longer periods of time, they are subject to prevailing overnight rates for transients.
  22. 10. No alterations shall be made to the Town Dock property without prior approval of the Dock master. This includes protective (fending) gear, cleats and dock boxes.
  23. 11. Multiple boat rental operation or other commercial enterprise is prohibited within the Town Dock facilities.
  24. 12. NON-USE OF ASSIGNED SPACE: Dock master shall make periodic checks of the marina and stakes for unused space. Dock master may rent space on a short-term basis to others. If permanently assigned space is not used for the entire season, priority and space rights may be forfeited.
  25. 13. All boats MUST BE PROPERLY moored and cared for so as not to become a hazard or nuisance. A minimum of 3/8th nylon or Dacron line in good condition is to be used for all mooring in the marina. Owners of improperly moored boats or boats otherwise in need of care shall be warned by the Dock master. If corrections are not made, docking privileges may be suspended or revoked by the Harbor Management Commission.
  26. 14. In the event of a storm, the boat owner is solely responsible to take appropriate measure to protect their boat from damages. The Harbor Management Commission assumes no responsibility for the protection of owner's boats.
  27. 15. All sailboats shall be equipped with auxiliary power when being used in the marina area.
  28. 16. Disposal of any trash not generated at the marina is not permitted.
  29. 17. The cleanliness of the Docks around each boat is the responsibility of the owner of such boat. There will be no discharge of materials harmful to the docks or the environment. The use of the Marine Sanitation Devices must comply with all State and Federal Law. The entire Marina is a NO DISCHARGE ZONE.
  30. 18. Stakeholders agree to secure their dinghies to the Town Dock in strict accordance with instructions of the Dock master. Failure to do so will result in loss of tie up privileges at the dock.
  31. 19. No open fires, including grilling, of any kind are allowed on the Town Marina property. This includes in the parking lots, beach and docks.
  32. 20. To optimize the use of the marina facilities by the greatest number of boat owners, only one slip or stake will be assigned to a residential or household address. Applications received that are deemed to be duplicate in nature by the Harbor Management Commission are subject to revision or rejection. In all cases, the Harbor Management Commission reserves the right to make final decisions pertaining to slip and stake assignments.
  33. 21. While on the docks, all children 12 years and younger must be supervised by an adult and wear a coast guard approved personal flotation device.
  34. By signing this application I accept and agree to abide by all the terms and conditions appearing on this application and certify that all information provided herein is accurate and truthful.
    The undersigned shall indemnify and hold harmless the Town of Clinton, Connecticut and its agents, employees and contractors from and against any and all loss, costs (including attorneys' fees), damages, expenses, and liability in connection with claims for damages as a result of injury or death of any person or property damage to any property which arise from or in any manner grow out of any act or neglect while the undersigned is using or occupying the Town's property.
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