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Farm Machinery, Horses, or Ponies

  1. This application for exemption on all farm machinery, except motor vehicles as defined in Section 14-1, to the value of $200,000 ponies or horses which are actually and exclusively used in farming, within the provisions of Section 12-91 of the General Statutes must be filed annually by November 1st with the Assessor or Board of Assessors of the municipality in which the property is located. Failure to file this application within the time limit prescribed shall be considered a waiver of the right to such exemption for the assessment year.
  2. Owner/Farmer
  3. Have you filed, or do you intend to file, any application for exemption as provided under the above statute, in this or any other town or city, as trustee, as an individual farmer, or as a member of a group of farmers, partnership or family corporation, other than under the ownership contained in this application?
  4. Do you derive at least $15,000 in grose sales, or did you incur at least $15,000 in expenses related to such farming operation during the previous calendar year?
  5. Are the horses and ponies and/or farm machinery kept within the Sate of Connecticut?
  6. If yes, list town(s):
  7. Machinery Make/Year/Model
  8. Description of Use in Farming
  9. I do hereby declare in accordance with §12 - 91 of the Connecticut General Statutes under penalty of perjury that the statements herein made by me are true according to the best of my knowledge and belief.
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