What services do the Department of Public Works perform for the Town?
The Department of Public Works provides a number of services to the Town. It is the mission of the Department to provide these services to help maintain and enhance the quality of life for are residents.

Road maintenance:
The department of Public Works oversees approximately 78 miles of roads. Roads are swept once a year at the end of the winter to remove sand and winter debris. Roads are routinely checked for damage and pot holes. The Department also maintains all traffic control signs and street signs and performs right of way maintenance (brush and tree clearing along the sides of the roads)
Sidewalk maintenance:
The Department works on maintaining sidewalks in town. We do not have the manpower and equipment needed to provide snow removal for every sidewalk in Town but we do try and clear the critical walks around schools and in the center of town. We have also cleared the sidewalks of overhanging branches and brush to make them easier to use.
Sidewalk installation:
The Department provides sidewalk construction services to the Town when funds become available based upon a priority set by the Board of Selectmen. Recent work includes the Elliot School and Pearl Street Projects. We are currently seeking permits to install new sidewalks on Hull Street and Route 1 from Hull Street to John St Ext.

Construction services:
During our construction season we work on repairing roads, sidewalks and drainage systems. Each year work is scheduled based upon priorities. Budget restrictions prevent the Department from accomplishing everything it would like to do but in the past several years we have managed to complete a number of projects.
Construction administration:
In the past year the Department has provided construction administration services for projects in town.

Project Planning:
Project planning and Budgeting services are provided by the Public Works Department in conjunction with other Boards, Commissions and Committees.
Disaster Recovery:
The Department of Public Works provide initial disaster recovery services using Town resources and local Town contractors when a major weather events such as hurricanes and blizzards that impact our Town. Additional services and resources are called in as needed and managed by the Department. The Department uses a variety of Nationally recognized companies to mitigate damages and bring Town facilities back on line as soon as practical. These services are selected through a comprehensive bidding process on a three year cycle
Town wide services:
The Department of Public Works supervises service contracts and bidding procedures on a number of town wide services as well as houses a number of facilities used by all agencies. The following services are bid out on a three year cycle.
1. Generator Preventative Maintenance and service for all Town and Board of Education Facilities
2. Trash removal for all Town and Board of Education Facilities
3. Septic Tank Cleaning for all Town and Board of Education Facilities
4. Portable Toilet Facilities for all Parks and Athletic Complexes
5. HVAC Preventative Maintenance and Emergency Repair Services.
6. Safety Markings for Town Roads including STOP BARS and Crosswalks
7. Salt and Sand supplies for winter storm operations
8. Catch Basin annual cleaning and Emergency Services.
9. Tree Maintenance all Town Road right of ways and Town buildings, parks , athletic complexes and other Town Facilities
10. Disaster Recovery Administrative Services.
11. Disaster Recovery Debris Removal Services.
12. Fuel Farm Services. The town fuel farm is located at the department of Public Works. The Department maintains the fuel farm and purchases all vehicle fuels for both the Town and Board of Education fleets

Other Services:
Construction/project support for all town agencies
Facility Maintenance support for all Town Facilities
Pest Control all Town Facilities
Mosquito Control Town Wide

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