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Town Hall Upper Lobby

At the Town Hall you can rent out the Auditorium, Green Room, Rose Room, Lower Lobby and Kitchen.  Most of the information on those rooms are listed on the Town Hall Facilities Rental Form. Joan Lewis is the contact person for reserving the rooms at the town hall and Annex Community room and kitchen.

 Room Daily Fee
Security Deposit
Max Occupancy
Auditorium - Performance
$500 380-452
Auditorium - Rehearsal, set construction
$50 n/a n/a
Green Room
$45 $300 300
Light Board
$25 $100 n/a
Lower Lobby
$30 n/a n/a
Projector and Screen
$100 $1,000
Rose Room
$40 $300 147
Kitchen - for coffee, light snacks
$25 n/a n/a
Kitchen - for full mean
$35 n/a n/a
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