30th Anniversary Project

30th Anniversary Project

1 kim inglis

"My name is Kimberly Inglis and I am a member of Partners in Community. All three of my children have been Morgan REACT club members since middle school. Clinton is extremely blessed to have the Partners in Community coalition, led by Kelley Edwards, in our community and the REACT clubs in our schools. I have had the privilege of witnessing how REACT empowers our youth, develops leadership skills and helps students make healthier life choices. Over the summer, PiC /Clinton Human Services sent several REACT members to a youth leadership conference, where youth from all over the country gathered and took part in a variety of adult and student led & driven workshops; these workshops help students implement successful substance use prevention and mental health awareness & support programs in their local communities. These tools, opportunities and the education that PiC and REACT have provided to our youth are invaluable!"

3 noelia

"I found Job Shadow and QPR suicide prevention training really helpful and life-changing for a lot of reasons. Job Shadow gave me a way stronger understanding of what I was originally thinking and how the (career) process would look like. QPR put in my hands a better way to help others and a better understanding of what is really going on in the world, and I strongly believe everyone needs these programs to not only help themselves and their loved ones but others."

-Noelia, Morgan Student

2 sarah tobin

"My name is Sarah Borgnis-Tobin and I am the Adult Programming Coordinator at Henry Carter Hull Library, a member of the Clinton Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, a Clinton native, and an enthusiastic fan of Clinton Human Services. As a young person growing up in Clinton, CHS provided me with access to opportunities like a summer photography class and explorations at the town beach, where I gained life-long skills, friendships, and confidence. As a teen and adult, I found unique volunteer experiences and a network of support in Clinton Human Services. Over the years, and now in the capacity of an employee of the library, I have witnessed countless residents of all ages thrive under the care and guidance of the invaluable variety of services offered by CHS, who also act as supportive and engaged partners to other organizations and businesses in town. When I think of the many pillars of our town that make me proud, Clinton Human Services stands tall and strong over the past three decades by providing our community with critical awareness, access, and safe, supportive spaces."

4 bud

"I’ve lived in Clinton for 90 years and since have been participating in the Youth Open Mic Nights since they started. Open mic night is very enjoyable and I enjoy all the kids who are in it. It’s a great time for kids and seniors. I didn’t know when it started that I would be able to participate in it and I was fortunate to be accepted. I get enjoyment from learning about the kids and the different generation of singing and it’s always good to contribute my generation of singing, which the kids enjoy too. It makes me feel very comfortable to be with them. It doesn’t happen very often that generations get together like that. Jill and Marie do a great job. And the main things is the kids are off the streets doing what they enjoy. It’s a wonderful thing for everyone."

- "Grandpa" Bud Vece

5 jane

"Congratulations to Clinton Human Services for 30 years serving our community. Cheryl Church and her crew at Clinton Social Services Clinton, CT are wonderful. They prove day in and day out that Clinton cares!

I have worked with Cheryl on many occasions, be it with Families Helping Families Clinton CT, the Brilliants or just as Jane Q. Citizen. There is always a need. Our neighbors very often need food, clothing, rent money, school supplies, and toys at the holidays. Social Services does it all and I have been there to see them in action.

Clinton is very lucky to have Cheryl and many, many others who really do care. I am proud to be one!"

-Jane Scully Welch

6 natalie

"I was a part of Morgan REACT my junior and senior year of high school. Because of REACT I was confident enough to step out of my comfort zone more often and put myself in leadership positions I never thought I would have the privilege of being a part of. For example some of the things I was able to be a part of was the 2017 LEAD Conference and I was able to go talk on iCRV Radio twice about topics like mental health and drug use which I never would have done prior to this. I take the things I learned in REACT with me every day no matter how far away from home I am."

-Natalie, Morgan Alumni

7 ruotolo

"Being part of the Mother/Daughter Group through Clinton Human Services has been such a rewarding experience. It has opened up many important conversations and given us a chance to explore issues and topics relevant to our daughters and their everyday experiences. What a gift to stay in touch with our daughters as they develop and for them to know they are supported by their community.
It definitely “takes a village” and we are lucky to have Clinton and Clinton Human Services as ours."

-Tina Ruotolo

8 cindy

"I feel Clinton Human Services has a major positive impact in Clinton, especially with young people. My helper Isabelle started working with me through the summer work program 4 years ago...and she still is working for me! (and she’s awesome!)
I love having Marie’s high school group come each month to paint. The Open Mic Night is a great thing for Clinton youth, as well as the many low-cost programs offered in the summer.
I look forward to partnering with Clinton Human Services in the future."

-Cindy Stevens

9 heather

"Being somewhat newcomers to Clinton, Clinton Human Services has been invaluable to my son Alex and I. Alex has become involved in Peer Advocates, and also loves playing and singing at Friday Open Mic Nights. Clinton Social Services Clinton, CT was also instrumental in Alex finding a summer job this past year with Kidz Konnection Inc. It’s a wonderful and rare thing to feel included and welcomed in a new town. Thank you Clinton Human Services!"

- Heather and Alex

10 andrew

“I joined Morgan REACT in 10th grade and served as its Co-President.  Partners in Community and REACT were a great way to get more involved, helping those around me in Clinton. PiC and REACT brought students, retired and engaged professionals as well as local and state community stakeholders together, giving us an opportunity to work together, collaborate and address problems facing our community. I have fond memories of the work that we did and the change that was realized in our community. I wouldn’t be the man I am today, on the path that I am on, if it wasn’t for PiC and REACT.”

-Andrew Tessman