Home Occupation Permits

A permit is required for a Home Occupation and is issued by the Zoning Enforcement Officer (ZEO).  The form can be obtained from the Land Use Office or on the town’s website. 

When the application is submitted, it needs to include a statement of use which describes the proposed use (business), a floor plan (a sketch of the inside of the structure where the business is being conducted) and a site plan if clients are going to be visiting the site.  The cost of the application is $20.00.  The ZEO usually makes a decision on the application within a week of it being submitted. 

Once the permit has been issued, you are able to legally conduct your business out of your home according to Zoning.  There probably are other agencies that you will need to obtain licenses from depending upon what kind of business you have.

Starting the year after the HO Permit was issued, you are required to file an affidavit which states that you are still living at that address and still running the same business.  This is due November 1st of every year.  If you have provided your email address , you will be reminded to file this affidavit.  The form is available in the Land Use Office if you don’t get a reminder.

It is important to note that a HO Permit is only good for the business you list on the application and it’s only good for the address on the application.  If you move or change businesses, a new permit is required.  Also if you close the business, you will need to notify the Land Use Office Staff.

Land Use Staff can assist you with the completion and submission of permit applications.



This is a summary of the Zoning Regulations.  Do not depend upon this publication as law!  Please refer to the Clinton Zoning Regulations as they may be updated and amended from time to time and are the official regulations.