Prohibited Signs!

These are the kinds of signs that are just not allowed, so don’t even ask, or bother spending money on them.  If you put one up, you will be told to take it down!

1. Signs located in the State or Town rights-of-way.  They need to be on private property.  See Photo 1  

2. No “feather” or “swooper” flags, anywhere!  Ever!  See Photo 2

3. No signs with moving parts or which moves, including hanging signs.

4. No vehicle or trailer which has attached to it, or painted on it, an “advertising device” for the basic purpose of providing advertisement of products or directing people to a business or activity located on the same or nearby property or any other premises can be parked in the right-of-way or be visible from the road.  See Photo 3.

5. Nothing over 48 square feet. 

6. No sign on a building shall extend beyond the limits of the wall on the building on which it is attached or painted.

7. No blinking, flashing, fluttering, oscillating, rotating or pulsating lights or other illumination which change in intensity  or color, except date/time/temperature signs meeting all other requirements.  See Photo 4.


61 W. Main signs in road right of way
Photo 1: Sign located within the State right-of-way

Open sign
Photo 2: "Feather" or "Swooper" flag

Photo 3: Trailer with an advertising device attached to it.

Photo 4: Blinking/Flashing Sign