Signs Which Do Not Require Permits

1. Any sign which is less than four square feet (4 sq. ft.).

2. Public Signs: Signs of a non-commercial nature such as traffic signs, safety signs, memorial plaques and signs of a historic nature.  These are erected by or at the order of a public officer.

3. Private directional signs solely indicating ingress and egress.  These can’t be more than 3 square feet nor more than 4 feet off the ground. 

4. No trespassing, no dumping, no loitering, no hunting/fishing signs, not to exceed 2 square feet.

5. Identification signs: Not to exceed 3 sq. ft.  These must identify non-commercial buildings, and can have information like dates of erection and can either be free-standing or attached to the structure.

6. Decorations: These must be 10’ off a boundary line and can’t be up more than 60 days.

7. House Identification Signs: No more than 2 of these, each no more than 3 square feet, identifying the occupant of the house. 




This is a summary of the Zoning Regulations.  Do not depend upon this publication as law!  Please refer to Section 28 of the Clinton Zoning Regulations as they may be updated and amended from time to time and are the official regulations.