What you Need to Know About Signs in Clinton 

This is also known as: How to Avoid Getting Nasty Letters from the Zoning Officer

The first thing you need to know about signs is that
most signs require permits!  This includes all changes to signs. 

The second thing you need to know about signs is that we are only talking about signs visible from the street or public right of way.  They don’t count if they can’t be seen from the road.

The third thing you need to know about signs, is that if you are a non-conforming  use, such as retail, in a residential zone, your ability to have signs will be greatly restricted and much of what is discussed on this site will not apply.

Application Forms

  1. DRB

Zoning Regulations


This is a summary of the Zoning Regulations.  Do not depend upon this publication as law!  Please refer to Section 28 of the Clinton Zoning Regulations as they may be updated and amended from time to time and are the official regulations.