Notary Public

Notarizing a Document
When notarizing a document, the Notary is required to see a photo ID if the person is unknown to her. A passport or driver's license would be acceptable. If a Notary is uncomfortable with the document, she is not required to notarize it. 

There are also Notary Public's in the Finance and Land Use offices.

Limited Notary Public services are provided by the Town Clerk and Assistant Town Clerk. Notary services are free of charge. 

We do not notarize:
{I-9 Employment Verification's}
{Any document that will be recorded on the Clinton land records}
Becoming a Notary Public
A resident wishing to become a Notary Public can visit the Secretary of the State's website for an application and a Notary handbook. Once the application is processed by the applicant, it is forwarded to the Office of the Secretary of the State in Hartford with a $120.00 fee. When it is received back by the applicant, it is brought into our office where the oath is given and a signature card is signed and put on file with the Town Clerk. There is a statutory $20.00 fee for this service. We keep a card file of all Notaries who are residents of Clinton.