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Town Hall Facilities Rental Agreement

  1. Town Hall facilities are available for performances, recitals, meetings, fundraisers. They are not available for private functions such as birthday or wedding parties. Use is reserved for town sponsored/endorsed events.

  2. Is this a non-profit organization?*

  3. Is this a Clinton based organization?*

  4. If multiple dates, times, and rooms are requested, please attach a separate sheet with details.

  5. This rental agreement must be submitted at least 30 days in advance of your event. If your event involves multiple days, multiple rooms, large groups or is an annual event, you are urged to contact the First Selectman’s Office as soon as possible. Reservations will be accepted up to 18 months in advance.

    Submission of this rental agreement and availability of date(s) does not guarantee approval of your request. Such decision will be made at the sole discretion of the Town of Clinton.

    Please direct any questions to the First Selectman’s Office at 860-669-9333. We will make every effort to assist you in making your event a success.

  6. Fees

  7. Select Room & Amenities*

    Select all that apply.

  8. *This number is dependent upon the need for the removal of chairs for lighting and sound equipment, orchestra seating and set construction. Allowance should be made for wheelchairs. Review the seating plan with the Fire Marshal.

    ** Daily rate is billed for each day you occupy the stage regardless of whether you are physically on site.

    $45 per facility staff member, per hour is charged after 11 p.m. Monday through Thursday, after 1 p.m. on Fridays and all day on weekends.

    $55 per facility staff member, per hour will be assessed if additional cleaning is required by our custodial staff after your event.

    $20 service fee for checks returned for insufficient funds.

  9. Security Deposits

    Security deposits must accompany your reservation request and will be held until the conclusion of your event and final inspection of the facility by Custodial staff. You may post-mark your check to the start of your rental. The deposit will be applied as a credit to your invoice.

    - $1,000 for projection, audio equipment
    - $500 for theatrical productions
    - $300 for room reservations
    - $100 for light board

    You are responsible for any damages. You will take any and all steps necessary to protect Town Hall facilities from damage and return them in a condition equal to or better than prior to your use. Additional protective measures may be required by the Custodial Staff.

  10. General Rules & Policies

    All trash, props, scenery, etc. generated by your use of the facilities must be removed from the buildings and the grounds when you leave. Each day you are expected to inspect the rooms you are using, remove trash and generally clean up even if you are returning the next day.

    A certificate of insurance, naming the Town of Clinton as “Additional Insured” (not certificate holder) is required with a $500,000 minimum.

    Do not hang, drape or affix anything to any light fixtures in the building, including stage lighting. Do not use any nails, screws or fasteners of any kind on walls, doors, furniture or ceilings.

    Do not use tape on any painted surfaces. Do not affix anything to any marble surfaces. Hooks are available for your use. Consult with the Custodian.

    When the air conditioning or heat is in operation all doors and windows must be kept closed.

    Your group should remain in the room(s) you are renting. Town meetings and other groups may be using the building at the same time.

    Running in the building is prohibited. Children should be directly supervised at all times.

    Keep noise to a minimum especially during business hours.

    Do not drag anything across any floor, including the stage. Floor protection should be in place. Consult the custodian with any questions.

    You will be invoiced within 10 days and payment is required within 15 days.

  11. Auditorium Rules, Inspections, & Safety

    Absolutely no food or drinks is allowed in the Auditorium at any time.

    All set construction, painting, etc. must be done outside the building.

    Tap shoes are strictly prohibited everywhere but on the stage.

    An inspection of the stage and auditorium must be scheduled with the Town’s Building Inspector at 860-669-9118 and the Fire Marshal at 860-669-1094 prior to any performance. They must approve each set, all lighting/sound equipment brought in and any change to seating arrangements. It is your responsibility to contact their offices to schedule these inspections.

    At the discretion of the Fire Marshal, one or more uniformed fire personnel may be required to be on-duty during your event. Be sure to address this when you schedule your inspection.

    At no time will exit stairs, doors or passageways be locked, blocked or made unusable while the auditorium is occupied by any number of persons. There must be an egress of at least four feet in all open areas, i.e. hallways, lobbies, etc.

    All lighting and associated electrical wiring will be in accordance with the National Electrical Code. Such wiring will not be allowed across egress to the exits.

    The use of smoke machines must be pre-approved by the Fire Marshal at 860-669-1094.

    All seating will be fixed and no loose seats will be allowed.

    The number of persons in the audience for any performance will not exceed the number of fixed seats in the auditorium.

    Before the start of any performance, the “Emergency Exit” (see attached) announcement must be made.

  12. I, the undersigned, have read, understand and agree to the above.

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