Pending Projects

​Indian River Project (Old Morgan School) 

​Plans for mixed use development.
Landscape, wetlands and photometrics plans.
Architectural plans.
Storm water plans.
Traffic plans.
USPS Manifest Mailing System. 
Zoning Applications.

2-10-20 Agenda 

2-1-20 Clinton Fire Department 
2-4-20  CT Water Compan
DEEP  Aquifer Protection Best Practices 
DEEP Aquifer Protection Guidance 
2-4-20 Email Town Clerk to Kathy King 
2-4-20 Email L. Schroeder to Kathy King 
2-6-20 Email Kathy King to D.T.C.
2-6-20 Email Kathy King to Karl Kilduff
2-6-20 Email Kathy King to Police Department 
2-6-20 Email Ken Navarro to Kathy King 
2-11-20 Email Ken Navarro 
2-7-20 Email Ken Navarro to Karl Kilduff 
1-23-20 Fire Marshal to Commission
2-18-20 DTC Comments
2-10-20 E-Mail Ken Navarro to Kathy King Fish Ladder 
1-22-20 DTC Commentts

Monthly Minutes  (All Boards and Commissions) 
1-22-20 Design Review Board Minutes 
2-10-20 Minutes P&Z Commission 

​Village District (High Street -John Street)

1-13-20 Monthly Meeting
1-6-20  Monthly Meeting
12-2-19 Monthly Meeting 
11-18-19 Monthly Meeting 
12-09-19 Amended

Application for High Street - North High Street Village District
Cam Application
Certified Mailing List Cam Application

Post Hearing Edits 12-2019
Letter from 60 High Street
Letter from P Clark
Letter from M.J. Fritz
Letter From JG CAM

Correspondence Consultant(s)
Town Planner -1
Town Planner -2

Monthly Minutes Regular

Public Hearing Minutes 
1-6-20  Public Hearing
12-2-19 Public Hearing 
12-2-19 Sign In Sheet

Legal Notice(s)
12-2-19 Public Hearing PZC  NHR-1
12-2-19 Public Hearing  PZC-HN
12-2-19 Public Hearing PZC  HN-1
12-2-19 Public Hearing PZC  NHR