Zoning Enforcement Officer

The joke in the office is that I am “Enforcement Man” for the Town of Clinton.  That is true to a large degree, as I enforce the Zoning and Inland Wetlands Regulations and the Blight and Dumpster Ordinances.  I am the Town’s Flood Plain Manager, and work on its resiliency planning.

That is only part of the job, though.  I assist in the drafting of Regulations, both Zoning and Inland Wetlands. I draft motions.  I am staff to three boards and commissions, Planning and Zoning, Zoning Board of Appeals and Inland Wetlands, as well as various committees.  I work with the two technicians in the office to assist people with the preparation of applications and answering questions ranging from, “Can I build a deck off the side of my house?” to “My neighbor’s raccoon alarm keeps going off, is there anything your office can do?”

While a zoning enforcement officer can do a lot, there are things which I really cannot do.  Private disputes between you and your neighbor are really civil matters.  Please contact an attorney.  I can’t settle where a property line is.  I can only approximately guess where wetlands are.  While I am happy to meet with you to give you my thoughts on any application, I cannot dispense legal advice and cannot advocate for you at a commission meeting.  You will need your own experts for that.

Well and septic issues are handled by the Connecticut River Area Health District (CRAHD) in Old Saybrook.  Building code issues are handled by our Building Official, Ed Smith.  Fire safety issues are handled by our Fire Marshal, Jeffrey Heser.

While I am an “enforcement officer”, and do have a shiny badge, I enjoy working with people to address whatever problems they are facing here in town. I don’t always have answers, but you will always have the benefit of my honest opinions and best work.
  1. David Leiper

    Zoning Enforcement Officer

Zoning Regulations