Tax Department

  1. REDUCTION IN FEE for ACH payments online

    Pay $ .95 fee for ACH payment online. Read on...
  2. A note about how to pay motor vehicle tax bills.

    When paying tax bills, the prior year(s) must be paid first then the current bills. Connection of names on motor vehicle registrations requires that all the motor vehicle tax bills in all names must be paid before a DMV clearance can be issued.
  3. How to make a payment with the online payment system

    Online payment system. Tax bills due July 1, 2018 start with the bill number 2017. Assessed value as of October 1, 2017 with tax due and payable July 1, 2018. Back taxes must be paid before current year taxes. Read on...
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Online Payment

The Town of Clinton offers residents a way to view, print and pay their tax bills online.
Please note the following items of accessing the online portal:
  • If you pay by electronic check there will be a $1.95 processing fee
  • If you pay by credit card there will be a 2.95% processing fee
  • Payments will be processed the next business day. Paying on the last day of a collection installment period will be considered as an on time payment.

How Tax Bills Are Calculated & Standard Annual Billing Procedures

Local property taxes will be due and payable on July 1, 2018. The last day to pay without penalty will be August 1, 2018.

All real or personal property tax bills over $100 may be payable in 2 installments as established by law. The 2nd installment will be due January 1, 2019. Motor vehicle taxes are due in full at the time of billing. The real estate and personal property tax bill has 3 stubs attached:
  1. A taxpayer copy
  2. A July payment stub
  3. A January payment stub
Make checks payable to the Town of Clinton.